(Black Roman Unapologetic Here)

BRUH is a television and film project where actors, directors, writers, musicians, producers of color can collaborate in controlling our narrative, telling our stories and portraying ourselves in a more varied and realistic way.   Our goal is to build a larger and stronger presence in the Italian film sector and to establish autonomy. In doing so, BRUH will ultimately pave a smoother path for future artists and creators of color to continue controlling our narrative and make opportunities for others.



(Black Roman Unapologetic Here)


While unknowingly navigating through the effects of a mysterious computer virus spread via email, culturally different members of Rome's black community simply try to live a normal life which involves, but not limited to, dealing with personal and social challenges, such as romantic relationships, school, being a black Italian, the gender wage gap and moments of racism and discrimination. While BRUH creatively explores the social obstacles that are inherent in being black, it also touches on how culture shapes the black experience, as well; for example, Veil is a black Italian who is sometimes treated as a foreigner in her own country, whereas Bishop, an African American, expects such treatment and is therefore affected by it differently. Instead, he is subjected to the stereotypes of being African American, e.g. black musicians are involved in hip-hop.

With the exception of episode 1, each episode takes place on the same day, two days before Easter, but from the perspective of the central characters involved. Episode 1 introduces the main protagonists and conflict -- the computer virus, and as the series progresses we see how the effects of the virus creates often hilarious but real consequences that the characters must overcome; for example, in episode 2 Nadia -- Cat’s mom, deals with her husband’s suspected infidelity, a suspicion that may be a consequence of her mental illness being intensified after she's exposed to the mysterious virus, or she’s having a mental breakdown or her husband is actually cheating. Moments like these continue throughout the series where the function of the virus is seemingly explained, but then is explained away by introducing an alternate yet plausible reason for the strange happenings that the characters experience. Though the virus plays an important creative role in providing  a touch of surrealism that helps to push the series forward, the real story is simply what it’s like to be black and to be black in Rome.

Explored in a sincere, creative and comedic fashion; BRUH pokes fun at myths and stereotypes e.g. black people can’t swim and all black people love hip-hop, to name a few.  The objective is to present a new and fresh perspective of the black experience in Italy in such a way that the show entertains while welcoming viewers into a world that they may be unaware of. We want people to laugh but to also reflect on the realities depicted in each episode as the end credits roll.

The elements that push the series forward are the revealed personalities of each character, answers to the questions that are brought forth in episode 1 and the various challenges that are and aren’t a result of the virus.


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